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Stone floor cleaning Nottingham, Commercial Hard Floor cleaning, Stone floor cleaning Derbyshire, Stone floor cleaning Leicestershire, Stone floor cleaning Yorkshire, Commercial and Domestic floor
Lincolnshire stone floor cleaning,cleaning services for the Midlands. Midlands stone floor cleaners.
Nottingham hard floor cleaning services by S.P.carpet and upholstery care
Professional stone and tile floor cleaning and sealing services

Stone floor cleaning Nottingham leicestershire lincolnshire Derbyshire Yorkshire Warwickshire

Deep down cleaning of Natural stone and hard flooring

Are your interior floors starting to let the look of your home or business down or are you

now finding it hard to get them looking nice and clean again.

With years of professional cleaning experience, we have the experience, knowledge and the professional equipment to give your hard flooring a new lease of life once again.

Our professional hard floor cleaning services are available in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, and most Midlands areas, we may even be able to help customers in other areas too.

We clean natural stone such as Travertine, Slate, Indian slate, Flagstones, Limestone, Yorkstone, Marble and man made tiles like Terrazzo, ceramic, porcelain, Victorian geometric tiles, Minton floor tiles, thermo plastics and hard vinyl tiles like Amtico or Karndean and more.

We can remove years of built up deep down grime and soiling, we can remove build up of old floor coating's from your hard floors, click here to see our video showing some of our work!

We can deep clean your hard floors and grout lines revitalizing there appearance and give then that new look once again.

We also renovate heavily worn, stained and scratched marble terrazzo travertine and limestone flooring, we can renew heavily worn stone using our specialist diamond cleaning system and revive the stones finish without the need to use a harsh chemical process.

We also deep clean grout lines, most grout will clean to a really high standard using our specialist cleaning systems and premium cleaning solutions but even when you think your grout may be beyond restoration we still may be able to help, we also carry out grout re-colouring and sealing in one process.

With years of experience we kow how to get results on stone floors

Because not all stone and tiled flooring types and natural stone can be cleaned the same way

we have 

several different deep cleaning methods and specialist cleaning solutions available to us, We tailor our specialist cleaning to suit each job on an individual basis, giving you the very best solution to your cleaning needs available for the stone or tiled floor we are working on. 

From our deep cleaning to our eco friendly polishing services we know we can help! 
please click on the picture to the left to see more about our stone and tile cleaning services.

Our professional stone and tile cleaning services include:
Limestone floor cleaning

Marble floor cleaning
Travertine floor cleaning 
Slate floor cleaning and sealing
Sandstone floor cleaning and sealing
Yorkstone cleaning and sealing
Terrazzo floor cleaning and polishing
Terracotta floor cleaning, sealing and finishing
Ceramic tile and grout cleaning
Quarry floor cleaning and sealing
Victorian geometric Minton tile cleaning and sealing

Grout cleaning and sealing

Grout re-colouring

We specialise in domestic floor cleaning but also carry out commercial services.

Our specialist deep cleaning services and solutions are designed to be safer for you, your home and the
environment without compromising quality.

click here to see more info on our dedicated website
For your entire stone or hard floor cleaning needs call us today on 0115 971 8323 or 01773 749003

professional hard floor sealing

Sealing and polishing

Following our cleaning we can apply protective sealing products to protect your floors from stains and spillage, our professional sealing products by Aquamix will help to keep your floors looking good for longer and help you to maintain your floor easier.

We only use Premium quality floor sealing products because they have been tried and tested over years and we know they out perform other sealing products available, Our premium quality seals can last years under normal conditions.
We can advise you on the type of finish and sealants that are best suited to your floors.

We can apply top quality sealing products that penetrate into the stone and give a long lasting natural invisible protection,

Or we can apply a topical finish, which will coat the surface giving a hard wearing protective coating with a lustrous satin sheen to high gloss reflective finish.

We use only top quality low odour safer cleaning sealing and polishing solutions and products. 
We use eco friendly 
diamond polishing systems for polishing marble and polished limestone floors, the system uses pads with microscopic diamonds to polish to a high sheen finish with out the use of chemicals or floor coatings, using only water to clean and polish
click here for more info.

Whatever the type of stone floor or hard floor we will provide you with the service you can trust.

Please note we do not carry out floor diamond grinding services

For professional deep cleaning and sealing services by experienced technicians call us today on 0115 9718323 or 01773 749003

Cleaning hard floors for homes and business.
Our professional services include:
Travertine floor cleaning, Terrazzo floor cleaning, Slate floor cleaning, Ceramic floor cleaning

Yorkstone floor cleaning,  Porcelain floor cleaning, Limestone floor cleaning, flagstone floor cleaning, cleaning Marble floors, Indian slate cleaning, grout cleaning,

Amtico floor cleaning, Karndean floor cleaning, Tile and Grout cleaning.
Hard floor cleaning for Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire,
Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire, we also clean stone and hard flooring in, Hotels, Offices, Apartment blocks, Shops, Swimming pool areas, public buildings.

Here we have example pictures of a job we carried out at York Central Library.
The building was being renovated, this floor was found underneath carpet tiles in the foyer area.
We chemicaly cleaned the floor with aquamix products removing loose debris, cement residue, old carpet tape and years of dirt, we then flushed the floor with water to remove chemical residues and to neuteralise the floor. we then polished using our diamond floor polishing system and finished with a waterbased protective seal
See more examples at

cleaning floors at York library

Below: ceramic floor tiles we cleaned in Nottinghamshire

Domestic and commercial floor cleaning services
For Quotations via email we will require floor type or digital photographs and the size of areas to be cleaned.
on site surveys are available in most NG and DE areas, call for availability

call today for a free quote

Please note we do not carry out restoration, tile replacement, grinding services.


floor guide

Flooring types commonly used in the uk


A sedimentary rock composed of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) or dolomite. The primary source of calcite is usually marine organisms. Regularly used to make concrete and is an excellent building stone for use in humid regions.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are formed under extremely high pressure and fired at very high temperatures. This make these tiles much denser and stronger than the common glazed ceramic tiles so they are ideal for entryways, corridors and other high traffic areas. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications.  


A metamorphic stone that is characterized by a sheet-like structure with parallel cleavage, which permits it to be split readily into thin, smooth sheets. It is composed of clay, quartz, and mica and comes in a multitude of colors.


A form of limestone distinguished by layered structures of pores and cavities producing an open texture. It is formed from calcium carbonate that is deposited from the water of mineral springs (especially hot springs) or streams holding lime in solution.


A colorful flooring material made of marble or stone chips embedded in a cement or epoxy binder. After the floor has hardened it is ground and polished to a smooth and durable finish. Traditionally, terrazzo floors are poured and set on site, but manufactured terrazzo tiles are also available.


A sedimentary stone primarily composed of grains of quartz sands cemented with silica, iron oxide, or calcium carbonate. These cementing materials make one sandstone behave very differently from another. Sandstones containing silica are quite hard, strong, and decay resistant, whereas those containing calcite resemble

Quarry Tile

Tile made from shale, clay, or earth, resulting in an unglazed tile with color throughout. Usually in squares and often terra-cotta in color. Quarry tiles are used for both floors and walls and are normally used indoors.

limestone in their susceptibility to acid damage, and those containing clay absorb water and deteriorate more easily.

Ceramic Tile

Tiles that are made by shaping a nonmetallic mineral, such as clay, and then fired at a high temperature, which gives the tile its hardness. The most common type is glazed ceramic tiles made by applying liquid glass to the body of the tile and firing at high temperatures. The glazing becomes hard and non-porous leaving a surface that is scratch resistant, fire resistant, and easy to clean.  

Victorian Geometric tiles, Encaustic tiles, Minton floor tiles

What is the difference between encaustic and geometric tiles?Encaustic (literally, 'burnt-in') decoration is achieved by stamping a design into the body of a plain clay tile before firing while it is still damp, and filling the stamped impression with liquid clay of a contrasting colour. The tile is then fired to fuse the two clays together. Encaustics may be wholly or partly glazed, but most Victorian encaustics were unglazed.Encaustic tiles were relatively expensive, and were often combined with quarries (plain square tiles) and geometric tiles in order to cover large areas at less cost. Sometimes erroneously referred to as 'mosaic' tiles, geometrics are small, usually unglazed, tiles in straight-edged shapes such as triangles and lozenges, all based on subdivisions of a 6-inch (150 mm) square tile, that can be combined in a variety of patterns. Most geometrics are of natural clay colours, ranging from off-white through red and brown to blue-black.

Herbert Minton probably the best known tile producer (1793-1858) who developed new production techniques including decorative encaustic tile making, through his association with leading architects and designers including Augustus Pugin. Minton entered into partnership with Michael Hollins in 1845 and formed the tile making firm of Minton Hollins & Co., which was at the forefront of a large newly developing market as suppliers of durable decorative finishes for walls and floors in churches, public buildings, grand palaces and simple domestic houses.





Travertine floor cleaning, Terrazzo floor cleaning, Slate floor cleaning, Ceramic floor cleaning

York stone floor cleaning, Limestone floor cleaning, Amtico floor cleaning,

Karndean floor cleaning, Tile and Grout cleaning.Victorian tiled floor cleaning


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services include: stone floor cleaning, Amtico cleaning, Karndean cleaning, slate floor cleaning, quarry tile cleaning, terrazzo cleaning, marble cleaning, Minton floor cleaning, travertine floor cleaning, hard floor polishing, commercial hard floor cleaning and polishing, Victorian minton floor cleaning
marble floor polishing, limestone floor polishing, travertine floor cleaning polishing sealing in nottingham nottinghamshire derbyshire lincoln lincolnshire leicestershire leicester south yorkshire sheffield rotherham leeds york, travertine floor cleaning Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Leicestershire Lincolnshire South Yorkshire

We clean travertine floors  we clean limestone floors we clean slate floors we clean marble floors stone floor cleaning and restoration in Nottingham Derbyshire Lincolnshire Leicestershire Yorkshire Warwickshire the stone floor cleaning company

Stone and tile floor cleaning in Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Leicestershire Lincolnshire Yorkshire Warwickshire

We clean all stone and tile floor types including victorian geometric and Minton floor tiles

We clean Marble Limestone Travertine Terrazzo floors

scratch removal
stain removal
deep cleaning
of stone and tiles floors
Natural floors
manmade tiles

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